There’s my Winch!!

February 18, 2010

My 3Racing Winch finally turned up in the post today, once home from the office I wasted no time in getting it all hooked up.

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice I opened up my TX to investigate the option of modding one of the channel switches into a 3 position switch so I can control it via the remote, rather than by pressing a little button on the winch control module. Having inspected the tangle of wires in the TX I decided that hacking at something expensive with not much to go on other than a thread on rccrawler wasn’t such a good idea. I’ll have another go at that when I know better which wires to de-solder from the TX pcb and attach to the 3pos switch.

Nevermind, the thing works and I’m pleased with my nights work 🙂

Hmmmmmmmmmm……. Inside the Futaba T6EX there are many wires, none of which mean much to me.

Gave up on the above and just installed the winch:

Here’s a little demo video!


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