Wireless Winch Control YAY

February 25, 2010

Sorted out my winch control on the Futaba T6EX – so for anyone out there wondering if it’s possible to mod a T6EX with a 3 position switch then the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’

The mod was actually very easy to perform, I soldered a spare channel wire from a stick channel I wasn’t using onto the middle pin of the new 3 posistion switch and then just hooked onto a neg / pos feed for the other two pins on the switch and hey presto!

As it stands the T6EX can be easily turned back into ‘stock’ format as I didn’t have to cut off the origional 2 position switch, I just taped it up and secured it inside the transmitter.

Here’s a pic of the new switch installed:

modded T6EX

I have to provide thanks to ‘The CrAwLL BLACK’ of crawlanz for providing the origional post on rccrawler which led me to adapting his post to use as winch control instead of dig control, the only difference with what I ended up with was I used a different channel. It’s worth bearing in mind I don’t use all of the channels on my sticks so if you do you might have to think again if you need this capability.

(also it’s worth further bearing in mind that I used a switch that doesn’t ‘snap back to centre’ when you toggle it, you don’t have to hold down the switch in order to spool in / out the winch, which could cause problems if you accidentally knocked it and the winch tried to wind in until it burned itself out.)


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