Both of my RC Trucks are designed by Axial Racing, one of my vendors of fine RC rockcrawl / Scale vehicles, there are lots of different options out there to choose from but I went with Axial and I’m sticking with them.

My AX10 was the ARTR version and my SCX10 came as a kit that I had to build from scratch. Needless to say that I learned a lot by building my SCX10.

My trucks are powered by:

  • Novak Rooster (Crawler Edition) ESC
  • Novak 55 Turn Motor
  • Futaba R617FS Receiver
  • 3000Mah NiMh Power Pack (Stick pack converted to Saddle Pack for AX10)

My transmitter is the amazingly complex Futaba T6EX 2.4ghz (more on this on the mods page)

SCX10 Honcho Pics

Here’s the Honcho at a meeting arranged via the fine gents on UKRCRC at Craster on the Northumberland Coast.

This is the first run out for the Honcho after I put it all together, first time out and nothing broke or went wrong! Clearly a superior build quality 🙂

Here’s the Honcho in a lineup with the other vehicles that came along that day.

The Honcho poses half way up a track leading up to Hadrians Wall during the ‘Crawl the Wall UKRCRC meet’

A picture of the Honcho flexing its rear crossmembers in anger at a small muddy lump not far from my house.

AX10 Pics

AX10 with HPI Defender Shell and Canvas Back at the Drake Stone Trail in Northumberland sporting 2.2 Mud Slingers available from RC4WD:

AX10 Driving a trail at Kielder Water and wearing my custom painted Jurassic Park HPI Jeep Wrangler shell (I’m a big fan of Jurassic Park the movie, had some nice Jeeps in it! I had to paint my own and I’m proud of how it came out.)

Here’s the AX10 doing some ‘urban crawling’ at an old brick dump site by Cambois on the Northumberland Coastline. It’s got a New Bright G4 Challenge Shell attached to it which is great for bashing but since I didn’t paint it myself I feel like a bit of a cheat when I use it. Great looking shell though!


6 Responses to “My Vehicles”

  1. diego Says:

    Hi, I’m diego from Argentina, and I want to consult you how to make the front of the axial optical honcho, specifically those of bodywork. (4th picture from your blog).

  2. stutheitguy Says:

    Hello Diego,

    How can I be of assistance?

    Are you talking about the light buckets for the front headlights?

  3. diego Says:


    If in fact I mean the headlight buckets.
    Are purchased or handmade?

    Nice to meet you. I’m Diego from Argentina.

  4. stutheitguy Says:

    Nice to meet you too Diego,

    The headlight buckets are part of the Honcho lexan shell (although it’s easy to miss them and I heard about someone from the forum I post on (UKRCRC) that they managed to throw away the headlight buckets without realising they were part of the kit. The headlight buckets do work but it’s pretty easy to knock them off the shell. I will post you some further pics if you need.

  5. diego Says:

    next week, will I receive my Axial honcho, ebay I purchased a set of accessories
    NEW! Axial Light Bucket NIB Black
    NEW! Axial LED Controller w / Lights NIB
    but checking forums, I have seen put the headlights and I want them, if you’re good enough to publish these pictures of how to do it I’ll be very grateful.

  6. diego Says:

    Hi can send me pictures of the axial to headlights.

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