Lost my battery Charger ;_;

February 17, 2010

Where is it!!! It’s not in my office, I can’t see it in the boot of the car, I’ve looked around at home and it’s not immediately visible! How can it be lost!!! Must search around the place when I get home tonight and find the damn thing. Grr. Let it be a lesson to us all to keep things in the same place after using them !!

I hope I don’t have to buy a new one! I wouldn’t mind, but it would suck considering I already have one! 😦

Edit – Found it !! My mrs tidied it away into a bag in the cupboard under the stairs !! Zomg !

Still no winch, the tracking page says something like ‘mailed to country of origin’ whatever the hell that means…


3Racing Winch

February 16, 2010

Still waiting for my 3Racing Winch to turn up from the land of the rising sun, I’ve been waiting ages now and I’m getting sick of it! Grr ! The honcho needs a winch installed!!!!

I’ve already made a Y Lead so I can power the thing, there’s not much else I can be doing while I wait!


Hello world!

February 15, 2010

Hello World!

This is the first post on my Honcho Blog wherein I will detail the amazing things my RC truck gets up to in and around Northumberland.

I’ll attempt to keep the HonchoBlog reasonably up to date, however I am soon to be a dad for the first time so maybe cool pics of my truck will end up being replaced by cool pics of my baby doing a variety of things that will seem much cuter to me and my fiance (Rachael) than it does to you. I’ll try to bear that in mind and stick to the muddy off-road type stuff that you’re hopefully here to read about.

In my blog I will post little reports on places I’ve been with the Honcho (my AXIAL SCX-10 Scale Offroad Truck) so you can take your scale truck / rockcrawler along and enjoy them too.

The places I visit will be centred mostly around Northumberland in the UK. If you’ve never been to visit us then quite frankly you’re missing out, Northumberland has vast tracts of glorious countryside, national parks and lovely pine fresh trees ! Mmm smell that wholesome air ! Behold our many fantastic rc trailing / crawling spots with envy!