Honcho Lights etc

September 6, 2010

Hi All!

Sorry (Diego) that it’s taken me so long to get these pics online!

Here we go.

All I did to attach the light buckets was cut them out, spray the interior (the reflector) silver and the rear white. Superglue should hold them in place but it’s worth bearing in mind that the front of a Honcho takes quite a beating (mine does at any rate) and over time I’ve managed to knock the buckets off and sort of mess up the paint. When affixing them to your shell, make sure you use a generous helping of glue.

The black electrical tape is there to help hold the LED in place in the bucket and to keep most of the mud and gunk off the led legs. Depending on your paint job it’s probably a good idea to use some aluminum tape to hold the leads in place as well; electrical tape or masking tape won’t last long unless you only drive in dry conditions.

Here’s a couple of them running on the Honcho via the Axial NVS system.

(The rear white LED isn’t a reverse light it’s just a ‘work light’)

The light buckets I used came with the shell for the Honcho in the kit. I have heard in the forums that lots of people managed to throw them (the light buckets) out, not realising that they’re part of the kit. If you really wanted them I suppose you could buy a new Honcho shell from Axial and use them from that for whatever model you were working on but it’ll always leave you a set down 😦

Other good news is my fiance has said I can get another 1:1 4×4 so I’m hunting for one of those. I’m considering the 1.6 16v Suzuki Vitara (Short wheel-base version) to (mildly) modify into a mini expedition rig. I’ve learned from my past experience that Isuzu Troopers, and I had the 3.0 TD Duty short wheel-base version…

Stu’s old Trooper:

…are too expensive and nice to use as a daily driver (unless you have very deep pockets).

Also that extremely modified Suzuki Jimny’s…

Stu’s old Jimny:

…are too silly to use as a daily driver (unless you have very deep pockets).

No, a Suzuki Vitara is cheap to get your hands on and can be tricked out quite nicely (without ruining the drivetrain) so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one. I can’t wait to drive a 4×4 again as I loved driving those two vehicles I owned before I had to get something a bit more sensible to carry the family around in… Grumble.

Take care all, happy wheeling!