This page shows you some of the mods I’ve made on my vehicles / related equipment. Where possible I’ve tried to include as much technical info and links to products as possible, bear in mind that links change easily so I apologise if some of them aren’t working.

The mods, fixes or products I’ve used may well be compatible with other setups but I’m only dealing with Axial based stuff so sorry if I don’t know if it will work with your rig.

I have tried to include as many pictures as possible but if you want more detailed shots then just give a shout and I’ll see if I can get one posted.

Cooler for the Honcho

Here’s a pic of a little cooler box that I made for the honcho out of a small pencil sharpener case which was just right for the size I wanted. It’s painted with Games Workshop paints and then I used a random spray can varnish to seal the paint.

At the rear of the picture above you can see a little ‘ammo crate’ that came from a Games Workshop spare parts tree that I thought looked enough a like a random toolbox / random box to fit in with the truck so I painted it up and stuck it on there as well. I think it’s important to have lots of little bits stuck to your truck, it gives it more of a personality, and I enjoy hunting around for bits that will fit and then making them into a scale item rather than buying them pre-made. Pre-Made / Painted stuff is great, and I’m all for it, but I can’t afford the price tag half the time so I get a lot of enjoyment from hacking together my own when I can.

Moving on from the above post here’s a pic of the LED light set I made for the Honcho. I bought the ultra bright 5v White LEDs from Maplin Electronics and the Red 3V rear LEDS came from Maplins as well, but in a mix bag of others.

I wanted some lights on the honcho for a while but the cost of a ‘Light Kit’ from one of the suppliers always put me off, true the kits such as the Axial NVS system do a load more than just ‘turn on when I plug a battery in’ (and are generally a load better than a DIY job) but the ones I’ve got hooked up will do for now.

How did I hook them up? Well this diagram I made in MS Paint will show you!

(TBA) Image goes here, why did you not let me upload photobucket?

What does a 2.2 mudslinger look like on the Honcho?

Too big is the answer!

AX10 Mods

One of the best mods I have for my AX10 Rock Crawler is a low COG Battery / Servo tray on the front Axle, this brings all the weight to the front and adds epic amounts of crawling ability. The stock position of the AX10 battery tray is a little high, coupled with shaft driven axles rather than MOA style (motor on axle) makes for a high COG on the AX10 which needs to be sorted out if you’re going to try crawling with it in any serious way.

I got the plate on my truck from one of the members on the UKRCRC forum.

Here’s a pic of some home-made ‘shift gates’ I made for my Futaba T6EX, as stock the sticks will move in pretty much any direction you want, leaving you driving like the village idiot, I cured this by hacking apart a business card case I had and using double-sided sticky tape to secure my shift gates in place, preventing the sticks moving in a direction other than desired. Doesn’t look very pretty but it works.

Edit – I’ve heard you can do a much more elegant fix for this by taking apart the TX and inserting a pin into the ratchet for the sticks which will stop them moving. I might have a look at that when I’m feeling confident enough to pull apart this expensive item that can easily break.

Here are a couple of pics of a stick battery I took apart and converted into a saddle pack for my AX10. Works great but looks ugly as sin and I don’t much fancy dunking them in water for any period of time.  If you’re not confident working with batteries then don’t, just save up and buy a pre-made pack, messing around with these things can be dangerous or at the least you can end up destroying some perfectly good cells.

Ta Da !

More Mods to come as they happen!


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